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Convert website to Android App free without coding!

Create an android app for your website with online software. Get quick access to your website and add exciting features. Customize the design of your site, edit the menu and navigation features, and other app properties. No coding required.

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Convert Your Site to Android App

You can convert your website to an Android app. Give your users a better experience using your site by getting instant access. Enter the URL of your site, social tabs, and blog tab. You can add push notifications and monetize your app. Convert website to mobile app with our software now!

Free and No-Code Making

Converting a website to a mobile app requires no knowledge of coding. Just follow the available instructions by filling the forms correctly. You can convert your website to an android app for free. 

There are no hidden charges.

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Publish on Google Play

Share your mobile app on Google Play, the most prominent app market. You can publish your app on Google Play and other app markets, including Getjar, Amazon Appstore, etc. Sharing your app is free, without any hidden charges required.

Convert Website to Mobile App with Features

Social Media Tabs

You can add social media tabs, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to your mobile app. Let your users contact you quickly!

Design Customization

Customize the design of your app. Choose primary, secondary, and accent colors for your mobile app. Set button colors and navigation style too!

Push Notifications

Your users can recieve push notifications to stay updated with the latest events and posts on your site.

Any URL Support

You can input any URL of your site. By doing this, the app builder will capture the information from your site to build the mobile app.


How to Convert Website to App for Free?

7 steps to convert a website to a mobile app with online software

  • 1
    Open App Template
    Click on "Create App Now" button or go directly to and choose a Website App template.
  • 2
    Input Your Site URL
    You can type or copy and paste the URL of your website in the provided form field.
  • 3
    Customize App Layout
    Choose colors for social media tabs, bottom menu, and slider.
  • 4
    Add Social Features
    Below the URL field are social icons. Choose the social media you want to add by clicking the corresponding icons. The selected social network(s) will appear as tabs in your app. Enter the URL of your social media page/profiles to add your social account.
  • 5
    Name Your App
    Enter the name of your website, which would also be the name of your app.
  • 6
    Choose an Icon
    Choose the default icon or upload an image. This would serve as your app icon.
  • 7
    Publish App on Google Play​
    Ready! Publish your mobile app on Google Play and share it with your users and friends.

Convert Website to Android App in less than 10 minutes!

Convert a website to a mobile app with social media tabs

Find the niche for your website to make it easy for your users to access. You can create an android app from websites like ICT, entertainment, education, religion, charity, directory, business, portfolio, web design company and more. Drive traffic to your site from your mobile apps.

Convert Website to App for Android NOW!

AppsGeyser - Free Android Website App Converter

Converting, downloading and sharing website apps is free!

Website Converter – is a free online software to convert a website to a mobile app in less than 10 minutes. To convert your website to a mobile app, you need to enter the URL of your website, select social tabs, enter the app name, and upload your icon.

Benefits of Converting Your Website to a Mobile App

By converting your website to a mobile app, you have the benefit of an increased user experience. Users have quicker access to apps than websites. And with that, you will enhance the ease of accessing your website. Users can use the device functions on your websites, such as GPS, camera, and other features. This will produce an improvement on the website and an enhanced user experience. Another benefit you get is your users’ ability to stay up-to-date about events on your site through notifications.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert a website to a mobile app?

To convert a website to a mobile app, go to the Website App Template on AppsGeyser. Enter your website’s URL, add social tabs, enter your app’s name, and submit your icon. Then your mobile app is live!

How to convert a website to an app for Android without coding?

To convert a website to an android app, go to the Website App Template on AppsGeyser. Input Fill the required details in the form fields and create your app. No coding knowledge is required.

Can I edit my Android app after making it?

Yes, you can edit your Android app in the dashboard. Navigate to the “edit” menu, and you will see the features to edit. You can change the site information, navigation display, bottom navigation, colors, and other details.

Is it free to convert a website to an app?

Yes, converting a website to an app on AppsGeyser is free. Follow the steps and build your app for free.

How long does it take to convert a website to a mobile app?

It takes less than 10 minutes to convert your website to a mobile app, provided you have all information at hand.

Do I need software to convert the website to an android app?

No. To convert a website to a mobile app, you don’t need software. All you need to do is go to the website app template and start converting.

Can I monetize a mobile app?

Yes. You can do this by joining the monetization program. You can start by clicking the monetization menu in your dashboard.

What other Android apps can I create?

Go through the 35 app templates available on the AppsGeyser website and make as many apps as you like!

Why should I make mobile apps on AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser offers a platform to build a mobile app with zero coding background and free of charge. The website is user friendly. Thereby making navigation throughout the website easy and making the build process easy!

How many website apps can I make?

With free Website converter you can make an unlimited number of Android apps for free and without coding. We don’t have limits for any app templates. 

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