Roadmap to Android App Success

Over the past two years we have been focusing upon giving our app tool users tips on how to build the best app. What we have realised is that many of you don’t need this advice, what you need is the next step, how to ensure Android app success.

In today’s post I am going to show you the route taken by some of our most successful app makers, the route taken by those that have seen their Andriod app gain thousands of downloads and continued daily usage. An app is a success if it is downloaded and used frequently and can earn the app maker money.

What is a roadmap to Android app success?

A roadmap is a simple path, a step by step guide that will take you through the stages you require to get your app to where it should be, successful. The infographic image is a visual guide to this process that may be used to help guide you.

app success roadmap

How to make a successfull app?

1. Do you have an app idea? If you do not, you need to go see what is “HOT” at Google hot trends. This is the place where you will see what is currently ‘in fashion and trending worldwide.

2. Have you completed your market research on your name? There are many reasons why this is important. Have a look on our blog to see why. If you have yet to start your research on your name go to Google adwords.

3. Have you taken quality screen shots and have a good quality icon? The first impression of your app will be once potential users see your app in GooglePlay (or any other app store) they will at first only see the screenshots and icon before deciding to download.

4. Have you sent your app for review? You may think your app is perfect, but an outsider may be able to give you another opinion to help you improve the quality of your app. You can find many app review sites that will be willing to review your app.

5. Have you tested your app using three different app names and descriptions? Yes, we haven’t gone mad, but to ensure that your audience understands fully what your app is about you may need to play around with your app name and app description a few times to get it right

6. Rate my app – At this moment in time, while you are still on the path to app success we suggest that there is no advertising. Get your users to like and love your app for its full potential before you enable ads. At this stage you need to start getting real customer feedback.

7. Boost app downloads – There are a number of ways in which you can boost your app download rate.

8. Have you updated your app monthly? Once in GooglePlay or any other app store, it is important that you update your app approximately once a month. The user is notified of this update via the app store and this encourages the users to return to the app.

9. Have you send push notifications? Once you are at the end of the path you need to begin to focus upon getting your users to return to the app and start using the app more frequently. Push notifications are one way of achieving this. Click here for more details.

10. Now build your app network. Building your app network allows you to cross promote your apps and builds your app audience. It also shows your audience that you are a successful app maker.

We hope that you have enjoyed our little trip along the path to Android app success. Come join us on Facebook and tell us how you have succeeded.